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At Silver Sisters, we love to combine the natural beauty of 925 Sterling Silver jewelry, with the old school charm of hand stamping. Our passion lies in designing a piece, special for you or for you to give.

Searching the world, we have carefully curated a collection of beautiful pieces for you to choose from. Our ambition in this new adventure, is for Silver Sisters to become an ambassador for your special gifts, for honouring the past and for all of life’s celebrations and milestones

It all starts with a special name, an inspirational word, an important date or initials of the ones you cherish. Who or what, do you want to wear close to your heart…..everyday. Silver Sister’s jewelry is meant to be worn and loved daily.

Handstamping is, as the name suggests, done by hand. A hammer and lead letters pressed on the piece, give it an organic and uniquely yours look. Slight variations in spacing, heights of each letter and depth of each impression, give it its individual charm and unique character, not machine done and exact, but imperfectly perfect!

With the movement towards supporting “local”, you can watch your special piece of jewelry being created by our family. We set up our stamping station at every market and each event, we attend.

Let us assist you design a one of a kind piece whether it be worn by you or to be presented as a meaningful gift. We are here for you, from creation to completion.

Come see us at the next event

Millarville Christmas Market

November 5-8th

9:00 am – 4:00 pm